Blythe Air Tour: Cessna Plane Ride in Oahu!

These cute flight attendants are Amare (left) and Momo (right). Today they will give you a very special tour, Cessna Air Ride in Oahu Island! 
This Cessna is called172 Skyhawk. It fits 4 people (2 in the front, 2 in the rear). But for us tiny Blythe, I guess you can bring your entire dolly crew on board!!
Oh, let me introduce you our unexpected guest, Lana. She will be helping us monitoring this flight panel. We are now ready to fly! 
As you can see, there are a lot of small islands nearby. You can kayak to some of these islands to have a nice BBQ! Oh, but make sure you check any restrictions or warnings before you go. Some of them are restricted to certain personnel, and some areas might have sharks.... 
Look! We spotted a rainbow!! I was just feeling a little disappointed that the weather is not perfectly sunny, but hey, we got to see the rainbow!! 
Now we are heading back to Honolulu. Hope you enjoyed our Blythe Air Tour! We hope to see you soon again! Mahalo! 
P.S. Our flight attendants love to relax at a park during their breaks.